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Central Park The Dairy

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The Dairy (by Edward Wang)

      When someone says “Dairy”, you often think of milk, and that’s what The Dairy is about. In the 1800s, a milk disease spread wildly across North America. This serious disease was caused by chalk. The people who manufactured the milk surprisingly added chalk to the milk to make it seem whiter. The small building was made and people would manufacture safer milk to drink.

      This building later was useless since the safe milk was back in to the world. So, as a conclusion, it was not used for anything, but turned it into a gift shop which is still standing tall now, today. This building was duplicated in 1950, it was then turned into a maintenance shed.

      During 1979, the shed was cleared by the Central Park Administration and was for the first time used as a visitor center.


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Edward Wang

Edward Wang

My name is Edward Wang. I am in Grade four now. I go to Edenrose Public School. My favorite food is Pizza because it is so yummy. My favorite sports are soccer and hockey, because they allow me to play with my team members. If you want to be the winner, you have to work hard and smart together as a team. I also like to read interesting books and watch TV when I finish my homework.

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