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10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Selena Xu
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I remember the time when my mom and I had a fight about something really small like who said the correct answer to a question. I was very sad, but I learned that nobody’s perfect, and we all learn from mistakes. We never apologized to each other, but we know everything is alright between us. This is why we celebrate Mother’s Day─ to tell your mom that you appreciate everything they have done for you. As kids, we don’t have a lot of money to buy expensive gifts or to take our parents on trips, but here are some ideas that might work:

card mother day 150p-01-011.Make a card

Yes, this is simple, but put your heart (not literally) into writing it. Choose your words wisely, instead just saying “I love you, mom,” maybe you can write a poem or some details that you remember the most.


2. Make a collage.

Collages are good to refresh your mom’s memories on the good times you spent together. Select some pictures you have with your mom and write a neat caption under each one, thanking your mother for the good times. It will definitely bring tears to her eyes.

3. Buy small gifts.

This will not cost a lot. Buy something like hand sanitizers, and lotion, and make-up, earrings and other small things. I recommend buying things from Bath and Body Works because their fragrances are super good and they last longer than you think! At Bath and Body Works, you can create a package of a pair, and it’s cheap so what you can do is make a package, add a small card and you’re done.

4. Buy a book.

Buying a great book for your mother is a good idea. First, you need to know your mom’s “taste” in books. What does she like the most? Adventure, Fantasy, Beauty or Romance? Aside from buying the book, you also need to give her time to read. So I suggest you take up a couple chores during that day and give her time to read books and drink tea!

5. Make a basic craft.

This is super-simple and plus, it’s DIY (do-it-yourself) and you get to be creative! Make a necklace, a bracelet, an art canvas, rainbow loom, anything related to DIY. Your parents will absolutely love it because YOU made it and THEY love YOU.

6. Invite your parents to a restaurant.05

This may cost a lot. Try to bring your parents somewhere that they always wanted to go, or somewhere they didn’t expect. I personally think that everything that you would end up paying under $40 will be fine. They will enjoy it a lot. I would not suggest romantic restaurants because they always tends to be expensive!

7. Buy some flowers.


You will be thinking “this is easy.” Every flower has a language or meaning. I strongly recommend Primroses because they mean “I can’t live without you” and also Daffodil is a good one because it means the sun is always shining when I’m with you. You can choose your own flowers by going on because it gives you almost all flower meaning.


8. Bring them to a spaspa_08

This is not common, but you know, all women need to attend a spa, and want a spa, so they can relax instead of working hard at home. They will experience the trip of a lifetime, and enjoy relaxation.

9. Make breakfast in bed


My family does this every Mother’s day. My dad and I wake super early and we make toast, eggs, fruits and milk. We bring it upstairs and we wake her up and wish her a Happy Mother’s Day. I suggest picking her favourite food and fruit to surprise her. Think of what to say, to surprise her, but don’t scare her, that might ruin her day


10.Give them a hug and kiss.

 Yes. I mean it. This costs lots of love. We need to understand how love is important to us and the world. Our life is not to give presents on special days, it’s to give love! So give them a hug or kiss, to show that presents are just extra, and love is always a gift. Thank your mom for giving you a life, letting you do the things you like, and mostly, showing love and care to you and your family. So be happy you are on land and tell your mom “I love you!”

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Selena Xu

Selena Xu

Hi , my name is Selena Xu and I go to the school Springfield P.S. I am participating in Voice K because I found out recently that Journalism is something that I have passion for. I like Music because it is like listening to the wind. I like Minecraft because it is very challenging and it helps by working hard to find the rarest thing , diamond. I hope you like the work I do!


  • Mother’s Day – That one day of the year, full of enthusiasm to showing your mom just how much you appreciate her. This year Mother’s day falls on May 14, and as the countdown begins, many of us will be scrambling to find ‘the perfect’ gift for the most important woman in our life.

  • Mother’s Day will extend to May 14, 2017, and mutually that comes, when we have a passion for to gain something for Mom, not withstanding what will you get what is planned to one her? There are many Mother’s Day gift ideas are ever more welcome. Mother’s Day is the full opportunity to weigh a mom in your life once in a blue moon at which pointed around her manner to you. But that can be a portion of the move, too! You desire to derive this day individually, for all that by the whole of the entire Mother’s Day gift ideas on the wrong track there, how do you greet the service that’s entire for your mom? We’ve delivered together to Mother’s Day gift ideas by way of explanation personalized for adversative types of moms. Just notice the “type” of mom you’re home for and audition our gift ideas to draw her smile.
    When it comes to Mom’s, the awesome mother’s day present more is the gifts from the heart. Think practically the in a class by itself moments you have diffused and what will comfort her heart close but no cigar, before win to employment creating a singular and haunting Mother’s Day this 2017!
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