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You might think eating the rain isn’t very fun. Even with heavy rainfall, countless people came to times square to enjoy themselves at a unique festival. Japanese Ramen, Korean Kimchi and Malaysian food were only some of the food to begin with. The moment we got close to time square on Saturday June 27, we could smell delightful scents of delicious food. No doubt it was a mouth watering food festival. The first thing we saw when we entered was a big sign that said “Taste of Asia”. There were also orange, toy windmills that were given out to the crowd. We guessed that it was feast of different types of food from Asia. In the background, we could hear voices narrating some sort of recipe or cooking show. We didn’t know what it was until we saw a huge screen beside 2 chefs cooking. IT WAS A INTERNATIONAL CHINESE CULINARY COMPETITION!!

Some of the foods we ate were ramen noodles, kimchi, shrimp crackers, bubble tea and Korean Popsicles. The ramen noodles were AMAZING. The soup was very rich with flavour and the perfect amount of seasoning. The noodles had a very savoury taste and the green onions added the last finishing touch. There was one store that gave out free kimchi, Popsicles and shrimp crackers to attract customers. Though, we had to admit, they were pretty decent. We also got bubble tea. Some of the flavours were honey and aloe, milk tea and taro. The only unfortunate thing was that it was really cold outside and our hands were freezing.

Other than the scrumptious food, there was also the international Chinese food culinary competition. I couldn’t see much because there were so many people holding umbrellas and blocking my view. All I saw was the camera crew, the MC set and the tip of the roof preventing the rain to interfere with the chef’s cooking. Everywhere we looked there were camera men holding either a log stick with a camera or a tripod. They were probably from different TV stations like NTDTV. The MC set was were the narrators/judges sat for the competition.There were three narrators/judges. Each one of them explained what was going on during the process of making the different foods. They also gave tips and ratings for every dish. The little lodge the chefs cooked under had the coolest roof ever! It was a red roof that looked like a the ones they had in China for temples and other events. It also had a very detailed design on the edge.

Rainfall does take away many customers from an outdoor activity like the Taste of Asia. Even so there were so many people there I couldn’t even see where I was going! Imagine how many people would be there if it wasn’t raining. We had a lot of fun enjoying the food and watching the competition. Hopefully next year we would be able to come again and experience this event without any rain.

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