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The smell of chicken and rice overwhelmed me as my sister and I walked into GoGo Curry. It is called Go Go curry because GoGo means 55 in Japanese and moving forward in English. Their curry needs “55 processes, 55 minutes stew and 55 hours to mature to serve.”

The location that we visited is in Times Square, New York. I had a double GoGo Curry plate with yummy curry rice and cabbage at the side of it. I must be extremely hungry and I felt I finished my plate in no time. Of course, I was so full. The food tastes mouthwatering and wonderful. After I finished I noticed that their tiny store walls were covered with posters that show everything about GoGo curry including one big poster with their 5th anniversary.

GoGo Curry is a cheap-but great Japanese fast food restaurant that specializes with curry. There are a lot of GoGo curry restaurants in the world. GoGo Curry has a total of 83 restaurants in the world.They are found in Japan,Brazil,Hong kong,Indonesia, and the US. It is an amazing food choice for children.

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